Camera Lowering Systems by MG Squared.  The World Leader in Camera Lowering Systems.
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Welcome to Lowering Systems by [MG], Inc.  Our Lowering Systems are designed  to safely lower your devices for ground level maintenance.  This eliminates the need for costly bucket trucks, lane closures, and design constraints regarding pole height and location.  [MG], Inc. is the leader in Lowering Systems for ITS products and was the first to develop a Lowering System specifically for Multifunction Surveillance Cameras.  Please browse through our site to learn more about how our Lowering Systems can help you.  Plus, don't forget to visit our Photo Gallery.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, [MG] Inc. is a provider of innovative technology including AASHTO Compliant Pole-Cable Systems, Lowering Devices, Poles, Light Fixtures and other Roadway and Commercial Lighting Devices.
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Simplify Surveillance/CCTV Camera Maintenance
The Camera Lowering System (CLS) by [MG], Inc. is the original design for an individual lowering system for surveillance cameras. It was designed and derived from the Fixture Lowering System for luminaires (FLS) by [MG] Inc. This special system has been sold throughout North America, Australia and in Asia. The system allows for a camera and its housing to be detached from its position atop a pole and lowered on a stainless steel wire aircraft cable to ground level. This provides for safe, simple, and quick camera installation, maintenance, and/or replacement. There is no need for electric cables to move over a pulley system - thereby avoiding snags and degradation of data and video cables. As well, the need for costly and cumbersome bucket trucks or lift trucks is eliminated. Further, depending upon the placement of the cameras, previously required lane closings, outriggers, crash trucks and cone crews for maintenance are eliminated. Maintenance cost and necessary personnel are considerably reduced. Cameras can be installed at any height to provide a greater field of view because height is not limited to the reach of large bucket trucks.
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